3TU.BSR: Push for Open-Source Data and Software

Trace data will be shared among the different groups through the so-called BSR-Repository and serve as an important catalyst for collaboration. The traces will come from a variety of sources. Initially the data will come from systems that are currently being studied by the various groups. For example, the TU/e process mining group has collected traces from dozens of organizations (both industrial and open-source). Another example is the Failure Trace Archive, in which execution traces with failure information are collected for various (distributed) systems. Moreover, in the joint case studies new sources of event data will be collected. Existing and new event data will be made available through the BSR- repository and will serve as an important catalyst for collaboration.

Next to the BSR-Repository (for storing and sharing event data and models), we will develop two key tool sets: the BSR-Extractor (for extracting event data from a variety of systems) and the BSR-Analyzer (for all analysis techniques developed). This will be a collaborative effort leveraging existing software (e.g., ProM). The BSR-Analyzer will be one of the key results of 3TU.BSR and provide dozens of powerful analysis techniques. Such a toolset could not be realized without a substantial investment, for which we request the support of 3TU.