Stephan Diehl, University Trier, Germany


BSR lecture: Wednesday July 4th, 11:00-12:30

Title: Big data, bigger eyes?

Abstract: After a very brief characterization of the field of software visualization and its history, I will give an overview of the various aspects of software that can be visualized. The focus will be on approaches to visualize the behavior and evolution of large software systems. Having a closer look at these approaches, we will identify common principles and limitations that may inform the design of future visualization tools.

Short bio: Stephan Diehl is a full professor at University Trier, Germany. His main research areas are software engineering and information visualization, and in particular the intersection of both areas, namely software visualization. A considerable part of his visualization research can be briefly characterized as applying (visual) data mining techniques to analyze software evolution and developing new ways to visualize the change of structured information over time. Stephan Diehl is author of the book “Software Visualization – Visualizing the Structure, Behavior and Evolution of Software” (Springer).