Minutes kick-off meeting Big Software on the Run, September 15, 2015

Arie van Deursen, Jack van Wijk, Huub van de Wetering, Sicco Verwer, Jaco van der Pol, Mariëlle Stoelinga, Bart Postma, Vincent Bloemen, Zekeriya Erkin, Maikel Leemans, Cong Liu, Arnd Hartmanns, Boudewijn van Dongen, Wil van der Aalst
Inald Lagendijk, Marieke Huisman, Gamze Tillem

1) Welcome, all participants introduce themselves briefly;

2) Overview project (Wil)

See slides. It is emphasized that this project is about the analysis and understanding of software in real-life applications and not about modeling or classical testing. BSR studies software in its natural habitat. Lessons learned from such analysis can of course be fed back into the development process (including testing).

Status PhD vacancies:

  1. Automatically Discovering Behavioral Software Models from Software Event: Van der Aalst & Van Deursen [Cong Liu]
  2. Model-based Visualization of Software Event Data: Van Wijk & Huisman [Bart Postma]
  3. Exceptional Patterns: Van Deursen & Van Wijk [Vacancy]
  4. Monitoring Concurrent Software: Huisman & Lagendijk [Vacancy]
  5. Privacy Preserving On-line Conformance Checking: Lagendijk & Van de Pol [Gamze Tillem]
  6. Parallel Checking and Prediction: Van de Pol & Van der Aalst [Vincent Bloemen]

Status Postdocs:

  1. Eindhoven: Nour Assy will start later this year.
  2. Delft: Vacancy

[Action point (UT/TUD): Fill vacancies as soon as possible. In particular the PhD positions. Unclear how long this can be postponed without losing funding.]

3) 10 minute presentation per PhD project (by the supervisors)

See slides. There are many connections between the topics. It is important to have shared case studies/datasets and to stick to the overall vision of the project studying software in its natural habitat.

  1. Automatically Discovering Behavioral Software Models from Software Event
  2. Model-based Visualization of Software Event Data
  3. Exceptional Patterns
  4. Monitoring Concurrent Software
  5. Privacy Preserving On-line Conformance Checking
  6. Parallel Checking and Prediction

4) Getting data and case studies

The need for data is acknowledged by all. However, it is important to not wait for other parties to supply data. Every project partner has a responsibility to create data Next meeting, we discuss the efforts of everybody with respect to gathering data.

[Action point (All): Share information on extracting event from software, e.g., the work of Maikel and Cong to extract data.]

[Action point (Cong): Generate datasets from ProM using RapidMiner and distribute them.]

[Action point (Jaco): Generate (synthetic) datasets for concurrent software settings and distribute them.]

[Action point (Arie): Get in touch with Eclipse to obtain data from error-reporting or usage.]

[Action point (Huub): Get in touch with NetBeans to obtain data from error-reporting or usage.]

[Action point (Arie): Get in touch with LogStack / Log4J / Holistic search / Kibana.]

[Action point (Sicco): Setting up a software-mining competition.]

[Action point (Sicco): Data generated by app-fuzzing.]

[Action point (Arie): Provide pointers to interesting parties working on continuous deployment / DevOps.]

[Action point (Sicco): Data generated by app-fuzzing.]

[Action point (Arie ): Discuss with people working on GHTorrent.]

[Action point (Boudewijn): Try to get car data from automotive people at TU/e.]

5) Collaboration

a. industry contacts

See above. The goal is to seek partners or to interest existing partners to join the meetings.

b. other researchers

Researchers in the respective research group are welcome to join meetings

6) Communication

We should be able to share artifacts (data, papers, etc.) and inform the “World” about BSR. This triggered the following action points:

[Action point (Jaco): Set up a GIT repository at UT. Send around an e-mail on how to use it. Start with a pragmatic directory structure (meetings, contact info, shared files).]

[Action point (Ine): Collect all slides and send to Jaco for repository.]

[Action point (Ine/Boudewijn/Eric): Set up a mailing list and a continuous updated spreadsheet with names, e-mail addresses, and role in project.]

[Action point (Ine/Boudewijn/Eric and later Nour Assy): Update the website to show the list of people involved (with pictures, etc.) and other information we have. Send content/news you would like to be mentioned. Create first news item on the kick-off meeting.]

[Action point (Boudewijn/Eric): fix URL change, should stay www.3tu-bsr.nl, check payment of www.3tu-bsr.nl, make sure the website is linked properly from various sources]

[Action point (Mariëlle): Approach magazines like AG and Bits and Chips and try to get BSR articles in.]

7) Education of PhDs and Meetings

We agreed in the following:

  • Rotating one-day courses for the PhD students and PostDocs. All 6 visit each of the three universities and do a course-day on the research topics/basic done at the location, e.g., when visiting Eindhoven there would be half a day on process mining and half a day on visualization. The hosts will make the days as attractive as possible. The social element is also important and there is budget to organize such courses. We will do two rounds, i.e., in total 6 course days starting in November.
  • The whole consortium will meet 3-4 times per year. The next meeting will be in Eindhoven again. After that we go the TUD and UT and continue to rotate. These meeting are back-to-back with the one-day courses (PhD and PostDocs can stay overnight).

[Action point (Ine): Plan the meetings and trigger the organizers. There should be a calendar online (website).]

7) Budget

Any costs should be made before the end of 2017!! Money that is not spent will be “lost”. There is money for things at the “project level”. This money cannot be used to hire staff of to do something that is not related to collaboration between the BSR partners.


[Action point (Boudewijn): Develop a plan to purchase secure servers (and storage) to be hosted at one site (hosted at 3TU or TU/e?).]

[Action point (All). If any special software needed, please request it ASAP (send e-mail to Wil and Ine).]


All opportunities to organize events, are welcomed, including workshops. Requirements: these should be clearly visible as BSR events to get substantial financial support. The goal is to increase visibility of BSR. Ideas discussed:

  • PhD symposia
  • Visits / stands at trade conferences (DevOp days, SEN day)
  • Co-located workshops at scientific conferences on software engineering

[Action point (All). Please send proposals to Wil and Ine. There seems to be ample funding to support several events, so use it.]

Summer/winter schools

We aim for a summer/winter school at the end of 2016.

  • 50% lectures from BSR partners
  • 50% by big names
  • Hands-on sessions

Later in the project there could be a Lorentz/Dagstuhl seminar. However, for the first round we would like to control it ourselves as we have the funding to do this easily.

[Action point (Wil). Form a program board, propose a location, ask for potential speakers.]

8) Planning

Next meeting of whole consortium is again in Eindhoven. Shortly you’ll receive a meeting request for December 4. After that: Delft, Enschede, Eindhoven, etc. (3-4 times per year)

PhD course days for all PhDs and PostDocs. Two rounds of three visits hosted by each partner.

See action points above.