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 | [[https://​fredericstahl.wordpress.com/​|{{ :​summerschool2018:​frederic.jpg?​direct&​150 }}]] | | [[https://​fredericstahl.wordpress.com/​|{{ :​summerschool2018:​frederic.jpg?​direct&​150 }}]] |
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-**Title**: TBA+**Shared talk**: Monday, July 2nd, 14:00-15:30
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-**Abstract**: ​TBA+**Title**: Exploring Algorithms and Approaches for the Real-Time Analytics of Data Streams 
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 +**Abstract**: ​Developments in sensor and data acquisition technology and the increase of applications that require processing and analysing a constant, infinite stream of data records challenge our current data mining algorithms. Such applications are for example Internet of Things, Mirco-Blog rule mining (i.e. from Twitter), Sensor Networks, etc. This tutorial introduces the field of Data Stream Mining, relevant algorithms and includes some hands on tasks. Topics covered are: 
 +  * Data Stream Concept Drift Detection 
 +  * Predictive Data Stream Analytics 
 +  * Cluster Analysis on Data Streams 
 +Practical tasks will require the prior installation of the Massive Online Analysis Software Release 2017.06 (https://​moa.cms.waikato.ac.nz/​downloads/​). 
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