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 | [[http://​boudewijnvandongen.nl/​|{{ :​summerschool2018:​boudewijn.jpg?​direct&​250 }}]] |  | [[http://​boudewijnvandongen.nl/​|{{ :​summerschool2018:​boudewijn.jpg?​direct&​250 }}]] | 
-**Shared talk**: Monday, July 2nd, 9:00 - 10:30+\\ \\ 
 +**Shared talk**: Monday, July 2nd, 9:00-10:30
 \\ \\ \\ \\
-**Title**: ​TBA+**Title**: ​Process Mining: Are we doing things right?
 \\ \\ \\ \\
-**Abstract**: ​TBA+**Abstract**: ​The challenge in process mining is to obtain insights into processes through the structured and automatic analysis of event data. Event data shows who performed what action in which context at what point in time. Event data appears in many forms and types and various techniques exist to obtain models from this data.  
 +However, in many cases, models are also made by professionals. For example, in software engineering,​ architectural models are made by software architects. Another example are the models made for ISO 9001 certification of business processes by consultants.  
 +Conformance checking is considered to be anything where observed behavior needs to be related to already modeled behavior. In other words, if models are given and event data is recorded, how can they be related and how can we obtain insights into deviations?​ 
 +In this lecture, I discuss the basics of conformance checking using models and event logs as input. I also discuss the state-of-the-art in tool support. 
 \\ \\ \\ \\