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 ====== Hands-on - Tuesday July 3rd,  16:​00-18:​00====== ====== Hands-on - Tuesday July 3rd,  16:​00-18:​00======
-  * **Session title**: ​TBA+  * **Session title**: ​Hands-on Software Process Mining with ProM
-  * **Session lecturer**: Maikel Leemans and Cong Liu+  * **Organizer**: Architecture of Information Systems (AIS) group at TU/e https://​www.win.tue.nl/​ais/ ​
-  * **Objectives**: TBA.+  * **Session lecturer**: Maikel Leemans, Cong Liu and Boudewijn van Dongen
 +  * **Objectives**:​ In this hands-on session, you will learn how to import and inspect your software event log in the free and open source process mining tool “ProM”. ​ At the end of this part, you will be able to use ProM and answer the following questions:
 +     * I have an event log from software execution. How can I import it in ProM?
 +     ​* ​ From where do I start my analysis and what to analyze?
 +     * How can I inspect my data? How can I get a bird’s-eye view?
 +     * How my software is being really executed? How can I discover its process?
 +     * How can I analyze the performance of my software and detect bottlenecks?​
 +     * How can I investigate design pattern compliance?
-  * **Requirements**:​ Prior knowledge in software analytics and/or process ​analytics ​is preferred but not required.+  ​* **Tools**: ProM 6 nightly build, available via http://​www.promtools.org/​doku.php?​id=nightly Please note that an internet access is required for the first time your run ProM. The first run will also take a while to download all required packages. 
 +  * **Data**: You can download the JUnit dataset from here: https://​data.4tu.nl/​repository/​uuid:​cfed8007-91c8-4b12-98d8-f233e5cd25bb 
 +  ​* **Requirements**:​ Prior knowledge in software analytics, data science ​and/​or ​business ​process ​management (BPM) is preferred but not required.
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