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Hands-on - Monday July 2nd, 16:00-18:00

Please make sure to bring your laptop with the required tools installed on it.

  • Session title: Hands-on Process Mining Session
  • Session lecturer: Anne Rozinat from Fluxicon
  • Objectives: Learn how to use process mining yourself in this hands-on session. You will use the process mining software Disco (see https://fluxicon.com/disco/) to follow the demonstrations and follow the exercises. Please make sure to download the software before the summer school. If you encounter any difficulty, you can contact Anne Rozinat at: anne@fluxicon.com.
  • Requirements: Prior knowledge in data science and/or process analytics is preferred but not required.

Hands-on - Tuesday July 3rd, 16:00-18:00

  • Session title: TBA
  • Session lecturer: Maikel Leemans and Cong Liu
  • Objectives: TBA.
  • Requirements: Prior knowledge in software analytics and/or process analytics is preferred but not required.