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 +{{:​outcomes:​story1.png?​50| }} **[[https://​sites.google.com/​site/​xdevroey/​ | Xavier Devroey]] Postdoc researcher [[http://​swerl.tudelft.nl/​bin/​view/​Main/​WebHome|SERG]] group of TUDelft**
 +//We are using the two BSR servers to execute large scale experiments with EvoCrahs with different configurations for the guided genetic algorithm. We estimate that until now we have consumed 2-3 weeks full time CPU time to set up the execution environment and run the experiments,​ and we will continue to use the infrastructure on regular basis. It allows us to have faster results (avoiding waiting for weeks if we had to use a regular machine) and scale to have relevant empirical data, which is very important for the validity of our research in search-based software testing. ​
 {{:​outcomes:​story1.png?​50| }} **[[https://​www.tue.nl/​en/​university/​departments/​mathematics-and-computer-science/​the-department/​staff/​detail/​ep/​e/​d/​ep-uid/​20156728/​ | Alifah syamsiyah]] PhD student at the [[https://​www.win.tue.nl/​ais/​doku.php|AIS]] group of TU/e** {{:​outcomes:​story1.png?​50| }} **[[https://​www.tue.nl/​en/​university/​departments/​mathematics-and-computer-science/​the-department/​staff/​detail/​ep/​e/​d/​ep-uid/​20156728/​ | Alifah syamsiyah]] PhD student at the [[https://​www.win.tue.nl/​ais/​doku.php|AIS]] group of TU/e**