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Case studies shared by users

 Alifah syamsiyah PhD student at the AIS group of TU/e
I work on developing new process mining techniques that are able to deal with huge event logs recorded for processes executed in possibly highly variable and heterogeneous contexts. I use BSR infrastructure particularly in MySQL server to run my experiment in the database. In the experiment I extended the size of event data until it does not fit into my computer's memory. Then we utilize BSR server to store the data and now I can easily compute, analyze, and run my experiment.

 Mauricio Aniche Postdoc researcher at the SERG group of TU Delft
I am applying code smells detection techniques to the entire change history of a very large sample of projects. These tools often take a few seconds per project. Thus, the number of projects times their number of changes takes a lot of time. And that's why I am using a big machine. Currently, I am making use of ~10 cores and a lot of RAM!

 Nour Assy Postdoc researcher at the AIS group of TU/e
I work on process variability mining. I develop techniques to mine process models from large repositories of event logs. The mined models are often very large and complex. To evaluate the quality of my models I need to compute their precision and recall. I am using computationally and memory expensive algorithms, that's why I am using the BSR machine at TU/e.

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