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 +== Apache Commons Crypto 1.0.0 - Stream CbcNopad Unit Test Software Event Log ==
 +| **Description:​** ​  | | Extensible Event Stream (XES) software event log obtained through instrumenting the Apache Commons Crypto 1.0.0 using the tool available at https://​svn.win.tue.nl/​repos/​prom/​XPort/​ . This event log contains method-call level events describing a single run of the Stream CbcNopad unit test suite for the Apache Commons Crypto 1.0.0 library available and documented at http://​commons.apache.org/​proper/​commons-crypto/​ . Note that the life-cycle information in this log corresponds to method call (start) and return (complete), and captures a method-call hierarchy. We attached a slightly preprocessed variant of this event log, where the execution of each unit test method is represented as a separate trace. |
 +| **Link:** | | https://​data.4tu.nl/​repository/​uuid:​bb3286d6-dde1-4e74-9a64-fd4e32f10677 |
 +| **Contact person:** | | Maikel Leemans: <​m.leemans@tue.nl>​ |
 == JUnit Execution Logs == == JUnit Execution Logs ==